Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

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Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

As I started to increase my art collection, I wanted to make sure that my investment was protected. I wasn't sure exactly how to store it all when it wasn't on display, but I knew I needed to do something. I decided to talk with a local construction contractor about how to secure my art, and he suggested a climate-controlled secure room in my home. They built a vault-like space in the house that is perfect for long-term storage. I created this site to showcase what was done in the hopes that others may seek the same solution. I hope the information here helps you to secure your financial investment as well.

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning out gutters isn't the most glamorous time, but it is important to keep those leaves, twigs and other debris out of the gutters. Many problems can arise with your gutters are unable to properly drain. Check out these five reasons you should keep your gutters clean.

Excess Water Builds Around the Foundation

Clogged gutters allow water to gather in areas it shouldn't, such as around the foundation of your home. This can quickly lead to water accumulating in the basement or crawl space, which leads to expensive and extensive repairs to protect against mold and damage. Even if you don't have a basement or water doesn't reach the basement, water around the foundation is still dangerous because it can weaken the wall and cause cracks in the foundation. This is particularly dangerous during the colder months if the water freezes.

Sitting Water Leads to Roof Damage

It's not just the bottom of your home that can experience damage from leaking gutters. The roof can also experience problems when too much debris fills the gutters. Particularly, in freezing temperatures, the clogged gutter becomes frozen, creating an ice dam. Snow collects on the ice dam, so when the temperature increases, melted snow can't drain into the gutter. As a result, the water may be pushed back under the shingles to affect the underlying structure of the roof, leading to leaks. Because the water specifically attacks the underlying structure of the roof, it will cost more when it's time to update your roof.

Clogged Gutters Can Rot Wood

Another problem with water gathering in the gutter is that it can affect other wooden areas of your home, such as the wood fascia. This, again, can cause leaks inside your home. Another potential danger to wood are bugs. The more water you have spilling from your gutters, the more bugs will love your home because they love water. Many of these bugs can cause damage or simply invade your home. If you keep the area around your home dry by keeping your gutters clean, the bugs will seek a home elsewhere.

They May Cause Serious Hazards

It's not just damage you have to worry about with clogged gutters. They can lead to dangerous situations too for you, your family or anyone visiting your home. If the gutters spill onto a sidewalk or driveway and freezes, this becomes a major danger. Worse, in many states, it is your responsibility to remove ice and snow to prevent injury, so if you fail to do so, and someone is injured while on your property, you may be held liable for their injuries. Water collecting on cement sidewalks and driveways can also weaken them, leading to cracking, which poses a tripping hazard.

Too Much Water Can Hurt Your Yard

Excess water in your yard isn't a good thing for your lawn and plants either, especially if they are newly planted or seeded. Too much water can kill these young plants that haven't quite taken firm hold of their new environment yet. Particularly, too much water can cause erosion. Strong, older plants actually help to fight erosion by holding dirt in place, but young plants don't have that strength yet. Instead of fighting against erosion, their precious soil is pulled away from them, preventing them from gaining the much-needed nutrients they need.

Clogged gutters are not just a nuisance. They can cause serious damage and injury to your home and yard. If you need your gutters cleaned, but don't want the hassle of doing it yourself, find an affordable gutter replacement service in your area today for a cleaning or to ask about specialized gutters.