Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

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Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

As I started to increase my art collection, I wanted to make sure that my investment was protected. I wasn't sure exactly how to store it all when it wasn't on display, but I knew I needed to do something. I decided to talk with a local construction contractor about how to secure my art, and he suggested a climate-controlled secure room in my home. They built a vault-like space in the house that is perfect for long-term storage. I created this site to showcase what was done in the hopes that others may seek the same solution. I hope the information here helps you to secure your financial investment as well.

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Breakfast Nook Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you already have a breakfast nook in your kitchen or you are considering adding one during your kitchen remodel, this space provides a wonderful place for your family to gather together each day. Here are a few ideas you can use to make your breakfast nook fun and functional.

Built-In Seating

Instead of trying to find a table and chairs that fit your space, consider adding built-in seating. Your contractor can construct a booth-style setup with bench seating, or you can have your contractor install a bench along one wall that you can place a table in front of. If you need extra storage space, have your contractor create hidden storage spaces beneath the seats. These storage spaces can be used to hold seat cushions, tablecloths, and other dining essentials.

Wall Cabinets

Just because you are adding a seating area to the kitchen doesn't mean you have to sacrifice cabinet space. Your contractor can add shorter kitchen cabinets to the walls above your seating area for convenient kitchen storage. Consider cabinets with glass doors so you can both store and display your best dinnerware and serving pieces.

Pendant Lighting

Adding pendant lighting to the breakfast nook can create a dramatic look while also illuminating the space. Consider a cluster of pendants for a large nook area, or use a single fixture for a smaller area. If  you have a lot of natural light in the area, opt for crystal or glass shades that can reflect the sunlight when the lights are not turned on. This adds a hint of shimmer to your space.  You can also choose longer chandeliers for this area instead of pendant lighting.

Fold-Down Table

If you have a small space but still want to add a dining area to your kitchen, consider adding a fold-down table. This option can work with both booth-style seating areas like the one described above or an empty wall. The table should fold down so it sits flush with your wall when not in use, providing a bit of extra room when you are preparing meals. If you don't have built-in seating, consider adding simple, backless stools to the area, which can be placed against the wall when they are not in use.

Talk to your contractor about paint, window trim, and other decorative touches you can use to complete your breakfast nook. Once all of the elements are in place, you can begin to focus on adding decor pieces to complete your new nook. For more information, contact companies like Lehman Construction Services Inc.