Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

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Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

As I started to increase my art collection, I wanted to make sure that my investment was protected. I wasn't sure exactly how to store it all when it wasn't on display, but I knew I needed to do something. I decided to talk with a local construction contractor about how to secure my art, and he suggested a climate-controlled secure room in my home. They built a vault-like space in the house that is perfect for long-term storage. I created this site to showcase what was done in the hopes that others may seek the same solution. I hope the information here helps you to secure your financial investment as well.

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4 Essential Exterior Home Improvements For More Protection From Severe Weather And Improved Energy Efficiency

There are many exterior improvements that you may want to consider for your home to prevent problems from storm damage and energy loss. Some of these improvements include solutions like roller shutters, insulation, and better exterior finishes. Here are some of the essential exterior home improvements that will help protect your home from damage:

1. Rolling Shutters for Better Protection from Storms

If you want to protect the windows in your home from damage due to things like high winds and severe weather, rolling shutters are some of the best choices. These are special storm shutters that can be opened and closed like the blinds in your home. With rolling shutters, there are even more options for automation that make them convenient and easy-to-use solutions for energy improvements in your home.

2. Window Films for Better Energy Efficiency and Storm Protection

Window films are another window improvement that is essential for protecting your home from the weather outside. First, window films help to protect your home from direct exposure to UV radiation that comes from direct sunlight. Adding films to the glass in your home will make them shatter-resistant and reduce hazards during storms. In addition, glass films also help to reduce thermal transfer and make your home more energy-efficient.

3. Better Roofing to Protect Your Home from Storms and Reduce Energy Loss

Better roofing is one of the most essential improvements to do to protect your home from severe weather and energy loss. When you have an old shingle roof replaced, consider modern materials like powder-coated metal roofing, which will help prevent damage in storms, reduce energy loss, and last longer than conventional asphalt shingles.

4. Drainage and Foundation Waterproofing to Prevent Water Damage in The Home

Drainage is also important to protect your home from severe weather. In fact, good drainage and waterproofing will protect your home from serious problems like leaks, erosion, and structural damage that comes from leaks in the foundation and other problems. The waterproofing of your home is essential to protect the foundation and needs routine inspection and improvements to ensure it is holding up as it should.

These are some of the essential home improvements that will help protect your home from damage and improve energy efficiency. If you need help with window improvements to your home, contact a rolling shutter installation service like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. to ensure your windows are safe during storms and can also help reduce energy loss.