Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

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Safe Building 101: Creating a Climate-Controlled Space In Your Home

As I started to increase my art collection, I wanted to make sure that my investment was protected. I wasn't sure exactly how to store it all when it wasn't on display, but I knew I needed to do something. I decided to talk with a local construction contractor about how to secure my art, and he suggested a climate-controlled secure room in my home. They built a vault-like space in the house that is perfect for long-term storage. I created this site to showcase what was done in the hopes that others may seek the same solution. I hope the information here helps you to secure your financial investment as well.

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Ready To Refinish Your Wood Floors? 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Whether they were already in the home you purchased or you installed them years ago, hardwood floors are a great investment for your home. Not only are they durable and appealing, but they can also add a great deal of value to your home. Therefore, maintenance is imperative. Refinishing is one part of hardwood floor maintenance that many homeowners forget about. This guide will help you avoid a few common refinishing mistakes.

Improper Prep

Refinishing your wood floors can be a messy process. Without proper preparation of your home, you will most likely create an overwhelming mess. Thankfully, you can prepare your home for the refinishing process.

All furniture that sits on the wood floors will need to be removed from the area to ensure the sanding and staining process is efficient and effective.

The sanding process will cause a great deal of dust to fly into the air, building up on cabinetry, trim, walls, etc. To reduce the stress and time needed to clean up this dust, consider covering surfaces with plastic before the refinishing process begins.

Also, consider using painter's tape around trim/baseboards. This will protect the area from stain that may splatter up from the floor and onto your trim and walls.

Uneven Sanding

Another common mistake made during the refinishing process is sanding the surface of your wood floors unevenly. This can occur in a few ways. The sanding equipment may be faulty or different types of sandpaper grit may be used. The rhythm in which the sander is moved across the floor is the most common cause of uneven sanding. Moving the sander at abnormal angles or staying in the same position for too long could also result in uneven sanding of your wood floors.

Improper Staining

Finally, many people apply the stain to the floors too quickly or unevenly. This affects the look and value of your hardwood floors, so it is important to be patient during the staining process. Remember that all of the old stain must be removed from the wood surface before applying a new stain. If not, the new stain will not adhere to the wood thoroughly. Also, work slowly when applying the stain. Each coat must dry completely before applying an additional coat of stain. Again, patience is key.

To improve the look and value of your flooring, refinishing your hardwood floors may be necessary at some point in time. This guide will help you avoid a few common mistakes made during the refinishing process. Reach out to a hardwood refinishing contractor to learn more.